Would Martha Stewart describe your folding skills as “fitted sheet impaired”? If so, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up our favorite how-to videos that demonstrate helpful tips and tricks for accomplishing household cleaning and organizing tasks.
  1. Problem: Putting a duvet cover on a comforter.

Solution: The Inside-Out Burrito Method

We think the chances are good that this one tip could change your life. Gone are the days of diving inside a duvet cover with the corners of your comforter grasped firmly within your hands, of standing on your bed shaking the comforter into the duvet, of giving up and crying. Whatever your current method of putting a duvet cover on a comforter, we’re sure it probably leaves you sweaty, breathless, and probably a little frustrated at the whole ordeal. Who knew it could be as easy as a little tuck and roll?

Video credit: via The Meredith Vieira Show’s Something You Should Know and Stephanie Sisco of Real Simple

  1. Problem: Folding a fitted sheet.

Solution: Martha Stewart.

Here’s a hint: it’s all about the corners. Watch as Martha Stewart and an audience member attempt to follow expert instructions for folding a fitted sheet. You probably could have guessed this, but it comes more naturally to Martha Stewart than to the poor audience member. Still, there’s no shame if you can quite get the hang of it. If it’s still too much for you, and you are “fitted sheet impaired,” here is Martha’s best advice for you: “I suggest that you wash your sheets, dry them, and put them right back on your bed.”

Video link: http://www.marthastewart.com/857014/how-fold-fitted-sheet

      3. Problem: Folding and storing clothing in a way that brings you joy.

Solution: The Marie Kondo method.

Short on space? Don’t let your clothing stress you out. Instead, take a little extra time to store your clothing and discover how it can bring you joy.

Video credit: via Pure Wow


"Who knew it could be as easy as a little tuck and roll?"