President Barack Obama turned 55 on Thursday, his last birthday in the White House. In honor of the occasion, Vice President Joe Biden made him a friendship bracelet. So we decided we would make him a birthday quilt (okay, not really, because we don’t know how) but here’s what would be on it if we did:

This is a big patch for the ACA, his life-saving legacy that was derided as “Obamacare” until that became an affectionate sobriquet. To your health, Prez.

Another for the stimulus, which saved American jobs and paychecks as we crawled out of the recession.

Here’s a patch for Wall Street reform, which remedied us of the ills that the money interests delivered upon us and saved us from the chaos of his predecessor.

This is a pretty patch of a desert sunset for ending the war in Iraq and drawing down troops in Afghanistan.

This is a special patch for the meetings you had with our local Lummi and Nooksack tribes to discuss the future of their youth, protection of the environment, and restoring respect for treaty rights.

Here’s a patch of a nondescript building in Pakistan where Bin Laden was put to final rest.

This is a patch for a shiny new car, for saving the auto industry.

This rainbow patch is from my friends and family, who can marry anyone they choose regardless of gender and serve in the military as out and proud members of society without negative consequence. This is a big, special patch.

This patch with a smiley face and a beret is for improving our relationships and our standing in the world abroad. It’s okay, we have a copy for Hillary, too.

This is a patch for Cuba, because we can go there now.

This patch is also copied for Hillary—the Lily Ledbetter Patch for pay equity.

We’re pretty sure he’ll understand this patch: a man with a hedgehog on his head and a big red line through it.

This one is for the criminal justice reforms he championed.

These patches are for Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Because their gal squad with RBG is lit.

This pretty patch with a tree is for all of Obama’s environmental leadership, including the Paris Cop21 conference, the shift away from fossil fuels, and the heavy investment in renewable technology.

This patch is a carrot, for improved school nutrition (though we suspect Michelle should probably get a copy of this).

This heart-shaped patch is for Sasha, Malia, and Michelle.

And this bright patch right here? Is for being our first Black president, and such a great one. Thank you, Obama. And happy birthday!