“Your home is whimsical, cozy, cottage, industrial with raw, organic elements, quirky focals and current styling. Am I close?”

This was my first question after the initial consultation at my client’s rambler home in Snohomish. She has a flair for the eclectic, as well as many hand-me-downs that are absolutely gorgeous. After meeting with her, it was clear that she wanted to incorporate those into the
design as much as possible. While this stunning house is in great shape, we had to craft our vision to suit both my client and her family. Her family enjoys comfort and time together, so we had to create a playful environment that was charming yet edgy.

Next I confirmed, “You will have a colorful palette with a tasteful and unique approach. Our application will use shades of gray throughout the body of your home with rich accents in various nooks — on kitchen cabinets, on doors and hardware. We’ll also use wallpaper that features added depth.”

Industrial Redo

Wall Design Project
We began with a wall design project. To complete with a seamless and purposeful finish, as
well as cost savings, I suggested we cut out a wall between what was the living and dining areas, connecting the two spaces and allowing fantastic light and movement. We then opened a pass-through to the kitchen for the ultimate in visual integrity.

Decorative & Functional Accents
Next, I suggested building custom barn doors as a decorative and functional option to finish
the wall design. Our doors would have a vintage appeal with an industrial track and hardware.
Last, with a nod to the industrial, we would add gas-pipe drapery rods and pipe-like accents.
This signature raw element of industrial interior design is the kind of feature that people typically try to conceal — pipes and ducts are often tucked behind walls or above suspended ceilings, but we wanted that edgy, industrial quality.

We selected a color scheme using light neutral tones and threw in bolder colors to create impact
into the space. Industrial design enthusiasts often seek out a metallic feel through the use of colors such as gray, and my clients hung weathered gray picture frames, which enhanced the steely look.

It is a growing trend, and vintage-industrial interior design has become increasingly popular.
It can be very bold, yet classical. And this look always blends well with the rest of the décor.

Our result: a vintage warehouse look that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other
styles — from the earthy to the polished. We pulled together a cozy cottage using old, new, organic and chic. We achieved our look through features such as reclaimed wood, metal light fixtures and vintage furniture.

These specific furnishings of the past, when thoughtfully placed, create that vintage-industrial
styling many design aficionados are looking for in their space today.

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"Our result: a vintage warehouse look that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other styles — from the earthy to the polished."