For this remodel, my clients wanted to revamp an old shed. Fifty feet from the house, this outbuilding is the perfect place to create a space to entertain friends, have sleep-overs, watch movies, play games, have snacks, make music, and exercise. My clients wanted to maintain the integrity of the original foundation and have it look as if it were an extension of their home all on a conservative budget. They have four children: a sixteen-year-old son, thirteen-year old twin girls, and an eleven-year-old daughter. They didn’t have much room for all those teenagers in their main house.

Our interior concept needed to include durable products, performance fabrics, and space for multiple activities. To be in keeping with their farm-house, we had a few exterior updates planned as well.

Our next phase included an interior floor plan design; making room for video games, a kitchenette and dining table, TV room, overnight guest area, and exercise corner. Additionally, we planned to add windows in the shed and create custom barn doors in the stable that looked like the original. We also planned for a new entry with French doors and a pergola (just like the one on the back deck of their home). All updates were in keeping with the historical feel of the house.

This Old Shed3

We selected vinyl plank with a handsome wood grain appeal for our durable flooring. It requires minimal care with a commercial guarantee. Next, we shopped locally for economical furnishings and customized a theatre sitting piece and sofa sleeper with performance fabrics for a fraction of designer prices. The kitchenette is a combination of premade cabinets and fabricated quartz countertops, which includes a multipurpose island that takes in the territorial view out the newly placed window. The entertainment area is ideal for watching movies, playing video games, being mesmerized by the cozy fireplace, or napping on the velvety textured u-shaped sectional. Opposite the kitchenette is their expandable dining table, carefully placed in front of the second picture window. Family and friends can be found here eating pizza during a football game, playing cards, or working on a puzzle for weeks at a time. And when you think that is more than any open floor plan could offer; not just yet. To the right of the entrance sits a sofa sleeper and doubles as the perfect retreat for overnight guests. Conveniently, this same corner is the home gym, complete with barbells, weight bench and treadmill. The room continues with a ping pong table and finishes with an arcade.

This Old Shed2

Guests often think this repurposed space had been there for years. We managed to create all of this under budget. My home-owners were extremely hands-on; picking up most of the materials to save on delivery fees, working late into the evenings on the build, and even assisting with décor selection. This was a team effort. More importantly, it has actually brought the family closer together.

"This was a team effort. More importantly, it has actually brought the family closer together."