This home makes all its own power from solar panels on the south-facing roof, setting a new cost-effective standard for Pacific Northwest housing. 

The owners wanted a home that fitted the way they live and could run the electrical meter backwards. 

They turned to TC Legend Homes, a design and build company based in Bellingham that has been making some of the most energy efficient homes in the country, receiving multiple awards from the Department of Energy. 

 “Fitting the way we live” meant a robust cook’s kitchen and pantry, a remote woodshop, and a company office. Wrap-around porches and south-facing views of the new garden create a connection between indoors and outdoors no matter the season. 

The home offers 2,550 square feet of eco-friendly comfort; the attached garage and woodshop add an additional 1,150 square feet. The master suite is located on the first floor, ensuring graceful aging-in-place. Upstairs are a sewing room, a guest bedroom, and a company office that boasts stellar views. 

Cutting edge structural insulated panels (SIPs) form the highly insulated walls and roof. Factory-made, the SIPs arrive with doors and windows already cut-out and assemble fast, a bit like Legos. The lumber post-and-beam frame is visible inside, and cost-effectively enriches the vaulted ceiling spaces.  

In the future, all houses will look like this house, and do what this house does.  

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