You know what it’s like when you paint your living room, and then the adjoining dining room looks drab, so you paint that, and the next thing you know, the kitchen, bath, and laundry room are all now newly painted? Well, a similar scenario played out in this beautiful South Hill home. What began as a renovation of a one-car garage grew into a major addition remodel. Jennifer Ryan of Jennifer Ryan Design and Verrett Design + Building Solutions worked with C.B. Premier Construction in creating an outdoor living space, kitchen, dining room, and living room remodel that gives the home a bright, airy warm ambiance. Not only did they fully update the adjoining rooms, they added solar panels for maximum energy efficiency.

All new French doors replaced a solid wall, giving the living and dining spaces full views of Bellingham Bay and lots of extra natural light. The kitchen has custom cabinets and a four-inch walnut butcher block on the island. The island also has a built-in drawer-style microwave, dog feeding station, and wine rack.

The sitting area had a small gas stove. Updating both the look and practicality of the space, the small gas stove was replaced by a floor-to-ceiling fireplace clad in urban style distressed metal sheeting. An overlooked area became the room’s focal point. The fireplace includes hidden pocket shelves as well, giving it function and beauty.

"What began as a renovation of a one-car garage grew into a major addition remodel."