Heidi Skievaski and Kryssie Maybay of Sublime Garden
Designs transformed a two-acre property that was
essentially a blank canvas, a hillside with a few
junipers and rhododendron and a sea of lawn, into a
backyard retreat with several gardens and distinct
areas for entertaining.

The property’s former owner was an architect who designed
and built the home, which features intriguing shapes and
angles. The home offers sweeping views of the entire
landscape, with large floor-to-ceiling windows in many
of the rooms. Skievaski and Maybay worked with the current
homeowners to maximize the one-of-a-kind property and its

“Our clients really enjoyed hiking, traveling, and the
feeling of being outdoors and wanted a natural, mountain
campground setting for the landscape design. They also
really wanted a water feature,” Maybay said.

The design team spent time in each of the home’s rooms
to study the views and plan the landscape accordingly.
The living room, kitchen, and dining area offer views
of the pond, as does the master bedroom.

“Now it’s possible for the homeowners to wake up and see
the falls from the bedroom window, which is such a wonderful
feature,” Skievaski said.

The property includes a cutting and vegetable garden, which
the homeowners designed, a pond with a small waterfall, a
moonlit garden with white flowering plants, natural grasses,
and transitional plantings, where the ornamental landscape
meets a natural wetland area. Skievaski and Maybay were also
happy to incorporate the homeowners’ favorite plants, which
they had brought with them from their previous home.

The homeowners share a love of geology, so they accompanied
Skievaski and Maybay to the quarry to hand select rocks and
boulders for the water feature. The project was so enjoyable,
that one of the homeowners has started working on water
features and has since added water plants and koi to the pond.

Since the landscape design, the property has
become a wonderful place for entertaining, and
the homeowners have hosted a private wedding as
well as a recent work gathering, inviting more than
150 families.

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"Since the landscape design, the property has become a wonderful place for entertaining."