RE Store’s Revision Division

We love to recycle here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll divide, compost, and reuse until just about everything gets another home or is made functional again. And while recycling might seem more mundane than stylish, Matt Vaughn and David Spangler at the RE Store’s Revision Division, would beg to differ. Vaughn and Spangler use almost entirely recycled materials to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces, bringing our region’s recycling ethos right to your front door, furniture and home decor. The two carpenters create pieces based on their own personal style and what material are available.

While Vaughn is more mid-century modern and industrial, Spangler likes to stick with the classics, preferring rustic design. Regardless of your taste, the team’s handcrafted pieces will bring something more than just visual appeal to your space. “It’s more interesting-looking. It has love, it has character,” Vaughn said.

It usually has a history, too. “Each of our pieces has a happy story behind it, instead of a sad story of a factory laborer,” Spangler said. Beauty coupled with a good cause? What is more stylish than that?

The Revision Division’s pieces can be found at the RE Store or online on their Etsy page.

Matt Vaughn’s Favorite Projects

Handmade Copper and Steel Chair
Vaughn used old copper pipes from houses to construct this beautiful chair. The industrial look is a perfect example of his style.

Reclaimed Wood and Steel Chair
While the lines of the chair are mid-century modern, the steel frame and armrests give it an industrial look. The wood was once home flooring before it became Vaughn’s chair.

Industrial Douglas Fir Shelf
This small but impactful piece incorporates warm wood tones with steel base formed from an old masonry trowel.

Scarf Rack
This unique piece is made from reclaimed steel from an old pitchfork. Even in its second-life, the steel serves a necessary purpose.

David Spangler’s Favorite Projects

Handmade Keepsake Boxes
Each box is a little different, but all would make an excellent addition to the top of a nightstand or bookshelf. The boxes are perfect for keeping your most prized possessions safe.

Shadow Boxes
Use them for books, CDs, to display framed photos, or allow them to stand on their own as art. Spangler used reclaimed wood to build these fun, collectable boxes.

Rustic Pine Cabinet
The combination of salvaged bead board, reclaimed pine, and antique hardware give this piece an authentic 19th century look.

“Upcycled” Shelves
Spangler said he loves to add a bit of value to already-made pieces, like planters, with just a few shelves. The piece is not only given more life, but is made more useful.

Mirrors and Blackboards Made with Reclaimed Wood As another simple project, Spangler uses reclaimed wood from flooring, trim, etc., to create frames for a mirror or chalkboard.

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