A new design center has opened in historic downtown Mount Vernon and has been turning heads since its arrival. Definitive in its philosophy to combine world-class design with sustainable practices, Pinecone Inc. has debuted with a vibe all its own. 

Through partnerships with industry leaders like Woodpecker, Amorim, Bauformat, Crystal, Neolith, Caesarstone, and House of Forgings, Pinecone Inc. sells and installs the highest quality materials and custom designs, meeting a wide range of price points and aesthetic preferences. Customers can see offerings first-hand at the store’s inviting 1,100 square foot showroom. 

In addition to offering various international brands, Pinecone Inc. also sources cutting edge ideas from smaller, lesser-known artists, suppliers, and manufacturers, with an intention to always stay ahead of the curve.  

Functionality Meets Sustainability  

Flooring is where it all started for Pinecone Inc. co-founder Rich Callison. It was his father who introduced him to the profession more than 20 years ago, instilling a philosophy of integrity and honesty, a keen eye for detail, and a deeply-rooted appreciation for quality construction and craftsmanship.  

Callison learned about construction’s environmental impact while working in Europe. This knowledge shifted his perspective, pushing him to pursue a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach to his designs. 

“It’s always a personal choice how green a customer wants to go,” Callison says. “It is our job, as designers, to educate the customer on all their options and show them why it can be just as advantageous to select a product that is environmentally safe over one that’s not.” 

Generating artistically stunning and timeless designs that are equally safe to live in is what Pinecone Inc. does best. Partnering with carbon-neutral companies, Pinecone Inc. also uses zero VOC finishes and responsibly forested products without ever sacrificing the aesthetics or durability of a project.  

“With so many new environmentally-friendly products available to us, we don’t have to choose between having beautiful hardwood floors and living with toxic fumes in our homes,” Callison adds. “Besides, it’s cool to care about our planet. We encourage all our customers to lean green, whenever possible.” 

Unorthodox Materials Fuel Creative Spaces 

Callison has made a hobby out of sourcing innovative and distinctive products and materials that he can introduce to his clients and into his residential and commercial design projects.  

The vibrant Pinecone Inc. showroom highlights their direct access to atypical design materials like PaperStone, a certified building product created in Washington State from recycled paper and a non-petroleum resin, and a wide variety of responsibly harvested cork, among others.  

A visit to Pinecone Inc. will open your mind to countless new design options. 

“I think people get overwhelmed when they begin considering a home remodel or upgrade,” concludes Callison. “If I could speak to them directly, I would remind them that designing a space that suits their individual lifestyles and desires will not only fuel an inner creativity and youthful enthusiasm for their life, but also fulfill their day-to-day needs that will simultaneously satisfy their physical and emotional well-being. Pinecone can help them achieve this.” 721 S. 1st St., Mount Vernon, 360.255.7690, pineconeinc.com 

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