Ten years ago, I designed a custom home for my family, from building plans to final touches. It was our dream. And yet, like any healthy designer, as the years went by, I began to find flaws in my lay-out and planning. 

Fast forward to a recent meeting I had with clients. We were in my home office for their remodel design presentation when suddenly they stopped me and said, “We’ve changed our mind.” Needless to say, I was taken aback. They proceeded to tell me that during our original design consultation, they couldn’t concentrate because my home was so beautiful. The more they thought about it, the more they wished they had a house just like mine! They no longer wanted a remodel. Instead, they wanted to sell their house and focus on new construction.  

Like this, I found myself with the opportunity to redesign the house I originally custom designed for myself. This may be every designer’s dream … I know it was mine!  

What resulted is a modern, rustic ranch farmhouse with vintage influences and an industrial hint. It is everything I would have wanted in my original house design, and it was everything my clients wanted in theirs.  

We featured custom, reclaimed wood furniture, beams, and accents. We added custom leaded glass inserts for our transom windows and powder-coated steel railings for the stairs, creating a juxtaposition of vintage and industrial. In addition, our clients were completely hands-on when it came to incorporating salvage pieces from their farm throughout the home. 

The story ends with me drawing up their construction plans, sourcing and selecting their finishes, managing the build, and staying on board for questions throughout the entire interior and exterior final installation. Their gorgeous custom home is a new and improved version of my own!  

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