This home, located on 12th Street overlooking stunning Bellingham Bay, was past due for a kitchen remodel. I had worked with this client on previous projects in her home and was thrilled to have the opportunity to design her kitchen. By giving her tons of cabinet, floor and counter space, I felt this kitchen could be not only beautiful but a wonderful space to both cook and entertain.

I always start a design with an inspiration piece. To change up the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire, “This kitchen had me at overhead beams.” They have such a rustic charm about them, and I love keeping that juxtaposition of old and new when doing a remodel.

One of the things this kitchen needed was more usable space. The old layout had only a few shelves for cabinets, along with only a lower cabinets, which meant the counter space was bleak. To give my client what she needed, I added plenty of upper and lower cabinets along with a much-needed pantry. I paired this with creamy quartz counter tops for a clean, no fuss feel. The backsplash is a glass tile with variations of soft blues, grays, and creams. When paired with a soft robin egg blue on the wall, it ties the room together with the rich cherry cabinets beautifully.

The icing on the cake or the finishing touches is really what dresses a room. For a kitchen, these are things like your appliances, your lighting, it can even be a special bowl you put out or even décor or art. A stainless steel farmhouse sink and top-of-the-line stainless appliances were added to this kitchen makeover and they blend beautifully with Cherry cabinets. I selected Kichler lighting both over the sink and in a center chandelier. Never underestimate how important lighting in the kitchen can be. When in doubt, use more than you need, not less.

Finally, I took out the original island that sat in the center of the room and replaced it with a connecting bar off the pantry. This allowed for a less constricted flow in the prepping area of the kitchen and also created a seating area. A new larger opening was added to the left of the refrigerator so that people seated at the bar could take in the views of Bellingham Bay and have conversations with family and friends while great food and memories were made!


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"Never underestimate how important lighting in the kitchen can be. When in doubt, use more than you need, not less."