Bellingham’s downtown neighborhoods might not be the first place you’d look for a new high-performance home. However, this rebuild snuggles right into the existing historic neighborhood perfectly, providing its residents with the comfort of modern style while maintaining easy access to the vibrant downtown scene. 

Living right in the heart of the city can be noisy, so this home features extensive soundproofing, including triple-glazed windows and exterior cork insulation to keep it quiet on days when it’s time to relax, recharge, and retire. 

Speaking of retirement, this house is designed for aging in place, featuring a separate mother-in-law suite with ADA features, plus a discreet exterior ramp to increase accessibility. 

Passive House strategies reduce the house’s energy usage. Not only is it air-tight, but it also boasts cellulose insulation on the interior. Solar panels allow the building give back all the energy it takes. 

Over all, this green home proves you don’t have to retreat to some idyllic wilderness cabin to think about building your own lighter-on-the-planet sanctuary. With the right partners, you can create an eco-friendly oasis right in the middle of town. 

Architect: Bundle Design Studio 

Interior Design: Nicole and Dawn Kimberling 

Contractor: Instinct Builders 

Photographer: Greenwoods Photographic Arts 

Energy Modeler: Ecoe Company