This holiday season, you can treat yourself to the gift of organization. Whether you have a particularly cluttered room or are looking for a new house-wide system, The Orderly Space is here to help.

Owner Jennifer Johnson founded The Orderly Space in 2017 as a hobby while her son was at pre-school. The business grew from a one-woman operation to a full-time job with eight employees and more than 30 client projects at a time.

“It’s been four years of growing and adapting,” she says. “The business has just taken off and it’s incredible.”

While Johnson has always considered herself an organized person, the idea to turn it into a career didn’t occur until after college. She had a degree in psychology and was thinking about going for her master’s degree when a friend suggested life coaching.

“That specialization was a no brainer. When your house is in order, your brain feels in order,” Johnson says. “We can be our happiest selves when our environment is organized and tidy.”

Starting a big project can be daunting. Luckily, all clients have to do to start the process is schedule a complimentary consultation. During the consultation, Johnson will spend an hour walking around the home to get a sense of the client’s needs.

During the consultation, the client receives an organizational plan and can pick between having two or four organizers for 12, 24, or 36 hours. All packages include time spent shopping for supplies, layouts, appointments for other services, hauling donation items, and custom-made labels.

“We are like a personal trainer for your home. You can probably do a good job on your own, but we will take it from adequate to excellent,” she says. “The accountability and follow-through experienced when working with a professional organizer is invaluable.”

The Orderly Space caters to every client’s needs and comfort levels. Whether they’re decluttering or helping families move to new households, people can be as involved with the process as they’d like.

“We primarily do homes for busy professionals who appreciate organization but just don’t have the time to get there,” Johnson says.

There’s also no need to fret about materials. The organizational crew shows up at every job with a mobile inventory equipped with a whole van-load of products, including custom labels, bins, and more.

For Johnson, the best part of the job is seeing the burden lifted off her client’s shoulders—a moment she’s able to pinpoint in each project she tackles.

“It feels so freeing, getting to see that through the client’s eyes,” she says. “As organizers, we get to experience that every day and it’s such a satisfying way to end your day, to feel so appreciated and valued.”

To enlist The Orderly Space’s services, book a complimentary consultation online.