While working as an esthetician and spa director, Mia Richardson noticed a need for performance linens in the spa industry. 

“I set out to design linens that were luxurious, but that could also perform, didn’t need ironing, could get through the rigors of industrial laundry,” says Richardson. 

Richardson wanted to design sheets that could also withstand all the elements of a spa, such as massage oils. Spa sheets often have massage oils on them, which makes laundries reluctant to wash and press them because they worry that residual oils will be left on the pressing iron. 

Richardson was successful in designing spa performance sheets and took it to market. She soon discovered that spa directors all across the country had the same issue and were also interested in performance linens. 

In 2003, Richardson started Comphy as the founder and CEO. 

Comphy linens are luxurious, durable, and sustainable. The sheets last five times longer than the average cotton sheet. They do not need pressing and are antimicrobial, so they do not need abrasive cleaning. Richardson says they are also 100% recyclable. 

“So, there’s really a lot of reasons why they’re beneficial,” says Richardson. “But what happened was we were able to, after several years, really come up with a fabric that’s really soft and luxurious.” 

In addition to offering sheets sized for massage tables, Comphy also sells linens sized for home use. 

Richardson decided to expand Comphy’s offerings to home linens after years of inquiry into the sheets. She says she would receive phone calls and emails from people who had received massages and liked the feel of the spa sheets. People were asking if they could purchase Comphy sheets for their home. 

“When I started the company, I really had no idea that it would turn into a home line,” says Richardson. 

Today, Comphy’s home linens are available not just for the average person to have in their home, but for hotels and bed and breakfasts as well. 

“We’ve also always done a custom line of decorative pieces for the spa,” says Richardson. “And now we also do decorative pillows, throws, and blankets as well.” 

Comphy sells its items online through its website. They also sell directly into the wholesale market. Richardson says that many hotels and bed and breakfasts that use Comphy linens sell the product in their gift shops.  

Curious what Comphy sheets feel like? Ask your local spa — chances are high they use them. 7034 Portal Way, Ste. 110, Ferndale, 323.225.8234, comphy.com