After adding new paint, clean white trim and doors, window coverings, and making a few changes in the kitchen, it was time to bring new life to this Bellingham condo bathroom. Removing the bathtub and replacing it with a shower was the top priority. Updating the vanity, flooring, and wall color was also on the agenda.

My client, a mathematician and master at origami who also likes bright color, needs a special sort of bathroom. What would make my client smile? A bright geometric pattern with a bit of a twist. By painting the walls white, installing white floor and wall tile, along with  adding a white vanity, I was able to create a bright feature wall that wasn’t too overpowering. The geometric tiles became the pop of color on an otherwise blank canvas.

Finding colored hexagon tile became a challenge. I found an abundance of whites and grays, mostly in small sizes, but not much color. I also wanted a tile larger than the common one- to two-inch variety. I contacted Clayhaus Modern Tile in Portland, Oregon, because I had heard that they custom-color their tiles and have many shapes and sizes. I found out they had the perfect size and shape of tile, and I could get most any color I wanted!

Sample colors were ordered and a design for the feature wall created. I didn’t want the bright colors to be too much, so I thought a random pattern with a lot of white would work well. It turned out to be a nice nod to my client’s background, fun to look at, and a great conversation piece!

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"What would make my client smile? A bright geometric pattern with a bit of a twist."