If you’ve ever just sat with yourself in a room, like really sat there and felt the energy of your surroundings, you know that a space is so much more than just four walls and a roof.  

For Angela Forson-Nelson, owner of SoMi Spaces, this knowledge has dictated her life path. Prior to becoming a certified feng shui consultant, she spent nearly two decades healing bodies and minds as a licensed holistic aesthetician and certified intuitive life coach.  

Creating opportunities for abundance 

“Creating a space that resonates with your being can offer a spiritual gateway for so many health benefits,” says Forson-Nelson. “Your home is your sanctuary and should reflect the kind of energy that you’re seeking. My goal is to help others find this through intentional designs that shift energy, create connection, welcome nature, and satisfy your overall need for wellbeing and function within your home or office space.” 

SoMi Spaces, a play on the phrase, “This is so me,” was established in 2021 as a cohesive platform to share Forson-Nelson’s inherent and studied abilities to serve others through design. Under this one umbrella, she has carved a niche for herself in an untapped market to fulfill not only the physical and artistic needs of her clients, but their spiritual needs as well. 

“A space that feels whole and that welcomes positive energy can manifest abundance in your life,” adds Forson-Nelson. “Abundance can show up in your professional successes, your level of peace, or the quality of your relationships with others. A healthy mind leads to a beautiful life regardless of what you’re seeking.” 

Through traditional feng shui principles of incorporating earth, metal, water, wood, and fire within designs, Forson-Nelson also considers the emotions of a space, along with the intersections of color, shape, and texture. 

More than aesthetics — it’s psychology 

With the pandemic still looming, many of us have been impacted both personally and professionally. Home offices became the new normal, dining room tables became school desks, and families, whether emotionally sound or not, were confined together.  

Our sense of home has shifted, so having one that emanates the right kind of energy or provides a sense of safety and comfort has never been more important. There’s no sugarcoating it: a home that supports you after a hard day will boost your mood, happiness, and mental health.  

“I’ve always served people intentionally and with a whole heart,” adds Forson-Nelson, “but the pandemic shifted even how I saw my services. I have the ability to go into the most sacred space someone owns and elevate their lives, not only by listening to what their needs are but also how they’re bodies and minds are responding to these needs.” 

SoMi Spaces enjoys working with a variety of residential and commercial clientele. Forson-Nelson is a preferred designer for Pinecone, Inc., a boutique design showroom in historic downtown Mount Vernon, as well as area counselors and therapists who have found her services beneficial for their own personal spaces as well as for those of their patients.   

“It’s so important to consider the psychology behind an interior design and deliberately choose elements that will contribute to your overall health and wellbeing,” concludes Forson-Nelson@somispaces, angela@somispaces.com, 360.466.8686