Home fitness has been in our lives for decades — and it’s taken on a new role since the pandemic closed gyms around the world. This work-from-home, marathon-running client was thrilled to have an unfinished 12 x 24-foot space at the back of her home. Converting it into a yoga/workout studio was the perfect solution. 

Setting up for Success 

Where and how you set up your home gym is key to how often you’ll exercise. Most of the time, home gyms are relegated to the basement, which is often an uninviting space that’s easy to forget. The more appealing your workout space is — think natural light, fresh air, and comforting colors — the more likely it is you’ll want to spend time there.  

This room is on the ground floor with a large window and full glass French doors to a back patio. In the warmer months, the window and doors can be opened to let in the beautiful Pacific Northwest ocean breezes. During the cold and rainy winter months, heated floors from ThermoSoft and radiant ceiling panels from Heating Green create a warm, hot-yoga-like atmosphere. 

We kept it light by painting everything white, but adding texture to the walls with shiplap and a focal wall in the client’s favorite color, Tiffany Blue. New Shaker-style doors keep with the home’s original era. A custom cabinet holds running jackets, bike helmets, and smaller exercise equipment like weights and bands. 

Choosing Your Equipment  

Space, budget, and training goals will shape your equipment list, but the most crucial factor is what type of exercise you enjoy the most.   

My client chose a NordicTrack treadmill for running, a rowing machine for both upper and lower body strength, and space for yoga mats. Most fun is the The Mirror, an innovative piece of workout technology that serves as a cardio class, yoga studio, boxing ring, and interactive personal trainer all-in-one. 

Committing to fitness doesn’t have to take hours. Sometimes you only have 15 to 30 minutes. An at-home gym means you can exercise early in the morning, before work, or while you wait for dinner to cook in the oven. What’s better than walking through the kitchen into your very own private gym? 

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