Garlands are a holiday staple, but it’s easy to think inside the box with pine needles, holly, and ornaments. This season, opt for a more unique garland. Get creative not only with materials, but also colors — not every holiday garland needs to come in reds, whites, greens, and golds. Each of these garlands makes for a great DIY project, or can be purchased pre-made online.  

Bell Garland  

String together bells — pick some up from a craft store or hunt for old ones at an antique store. String together on a jute rope and then hang from your mantel for a festive, rustic holiday vibe.  

Beaded Garland 

This project is perfect for jewelry-makers who want a unique way to showcase large beads. String together in a pattern or go wild by mixing colors and shapes. For a softer holiday feeling, lean toward white or neutral tones.  

Dried Flower Garland 

This requires having a stash of dried flowers from late summer or fall. Use a needle to delicately string flowers together, or simply hot glue the flowers to twine or rope. Add bows, bells, pine cones, or other greenery for extra flair.  

Driftwood Garland  

Head to your nearest beach and start combing. The best pieces of wood are small and smooth, but thick enough to keep their shape when drilled through. Drill a hole through each piece of wood and then string together with twine. Hang vertically or string up like a traditional garland.   

Colorful Puffball Garland 

You can find fun puffballs, pom poms, and felt balls online or at your local craft shop. Arrange in a pattern or go with a single color for a more elegant design. Tie together with yarn.  

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