Find a corner, spruce it up

Perhaps you need a spot for yoga, or a place to sit and read in the sun. Maybe you like to knit by the fire or watch the rain as you write in your journal. Whatever your interests, if you feel the need for a little corner of your own, we have some ideas.

Dormer Window
A dormer, even a squatty one, can usually accommodate someone in a seated position. So enhance your spot with books, a low stool as a table, and a single futon, folded. This little nook can be the perfect place to recharge yourself while the rest of the world goes about its business. Bonus—a view.

Basement Corner
Yes, basements can be dank, spidery, dusty places, but they don’t have to be completely. Find a spot near a daylight window or close to a heat source (a wall adjoining the furnace) and spruce it up with a colorful outdoor rug, a refurbished desk from the thrift store and a good light. If dust and mold are a problem, find an air purifier. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can install either cubicle walls (which can be found at salvage and reuse stores) or put up some thick curtains. Add some light strands for a festive touch, and some colorful pieces for cheer. Plants can make a dusty place seem fresher, and bonus—they actually freshen the air.

Attic Asset
Attics can be stuffy and plagued with some of the same problematic conditions as basements, but they can also be a good place to get away without leaving the house. Tuck yourself into a corner with a few floor pillows, a book and a little cup of tea, or go whole-hog and clear space for a yoga mat and perform some asanas. Bonus—you’re far away from the busy-ness of the world.

Sunlit Corner
You don’t have to disappear from the central living space of your house to create a sanctuary space—you can hunker down in a sunny corner of the living room and decorate with photos, plants and lighting that fits your particular interests. A comfy chair and good light for knitting? A lowslung Japanese table for crafting? Whatever suits you.

Meditation Quiet
Bedrooms are usually quiet, unhurried spots. Pick a quiet corner and decorate with candles, lights, your favorite aromatherapy scents and settle in on a mat or floor pillow. The health benefits for people who meditate regularly are tremendous, and you’ll have a little space that’s all your own. Whatever your interests, it’s a healthy and fine thing to make a space for them away from the demands of your work and family life. Giving yourself a space to enjoy your favorite activities will entice you to do them more often, bringing you—and your home—balance and satisfaction.