What is it that turns a house into a home? When a
person first walks into their new house, they see
the potential. My job as an interior designer is
to make them see a “home,” to give them space
they can call their own. This is the reason I became a designer.

My clients contacted me after purchasing the Edgewater
Place condominium that had been built by Ron Barter
and Dick Skeers. This stunning home sits above Boulevard
Park overlooking Fairhaven, Bellingham Bay, and the San
Juan Islands. It was completely empty but already had
a beautiful starting point with hand-scraped hardwood
flooring throughout, state-of-the-art appliances in the
kitchen, stunning selections in both tile and countertops,
and a soft muted gray paint color that tied everything
together. Designing this home was going to be long
distance, as my clients, were only going to be in town
a few days before heading back to Texas. They sent me
photos of their current home which enabled me to hone in
on their style. Most of the decisions were made via phone
and e-mail. Luckily, they were fantastic to work with!

DINING ROOM/KITCHEN The kitchen and dining room are
where memories are made, laughter happens, and stories are
told. Their table had to be large enough to entertain family
and friends and take in the stunning views. The dining room
table is a highly lacquered Italian made table, paired with
cream leather chairs. It sits atop a silver and bronze shag
rug. On the wall, is art that I had commissioned to match the
contemporary nature of the space and lines of the table. In the
corner, you will see a stand with one of my client’s favorite
art collectibles. The cream faux alligator hide, metal, and
wood barstools were added to the bar area for extra seating
and entertaining. In order to bring a sense of warmth to the
kitchen, I added shades of a red palette. When all of this is
mixed together, you have a kitchen and dining space that is
both warm and inviting and will be sure to make ensure
new memories.

MASTER BEDROOM I have one design rule: a bedroom
should be a place where you feel both peaceful and restful. My
clients loved the color eggplant, so I used it in layering shades
to keep it from overwhelming the space. The bed is a white
leather platform bed that sits atop a gray round shag rug to
add a radial balance to the room. This also grounds the room.
Two black night stands with mirrored drawer fronts were
added with artwork above in varying shades of eggplant to
bring the room together. The last element was a wall panel
that I made using plywood, foam, and fabric. This added a
pop of color and an architectural element.

MASTER BATHROOM Not everyone wants a dream
bathroom, but for those of you who do, this one is in my top
three! Keeping with the eggplant theme from the master
bedroom the first thing I wanted to give my clients was the
most incredible bath rug they had ever sunk their feet into!
Samuel’s allows cutsom rug orders, so I got the pile of shag I
wanted, and I could make the shape I wanted. So, I ordered
a purple, square 5’x 5’ shag with a 2’ round gray shag in
the right upper corner. This rug was beyond plush and sits
between the soaker tub and the vanity. Next, I selected
artwork to go over the tub. This unique silhouette was just
the perfect piece to sit over the tub, both in color and style.
The finishing touches for this dream bathroom were a cart
for bath salts, candles, and towels. A few decorative touches
were also added. The vanity contains an artificial floral
arrangement, stunning artwork, and the necessary bathroom
accessory set.

WINE BAR AREA Because my clients are such wonderful
people I wanted to do something special for them. So I
came up with the idea of a memory wall. I purchased quite
a few matching frames and white mats. Each time a guest
came to stay they would have a photo taken, then have the
guest sign a white mat, the photo then gets hung on the
wall, becoming a memory wall. I finished off the wall by
using a wall decal in the center that reads “We will have
these moments to remember.” I was honored when they
included my photo!

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"This stunning home sits above Boulevard Park overlooking Fairhaven, Bellingham Bay, and the San Juan Islands."