Animal Prints Rev Up a Room

It might be safe to say that while keeping the color palette tame on this project, we got wild with the style. Prior to our makeover, we were welcomed with a pet-soiled off-white carpet with poorly placed furniture. My client rarely used this room and wished to make improvements in order to entertain during holidays.

Her dream was to have an inviting space with a better layout for seating and conversations. She also had an awkward nook that always felt disconnected and she had no idea how to include it. We started with a sketch to establish the floor plan, and then presented the conceptual design.

My client had a flair for the Tuscan look and adored animal print fabrics. With a rich foundation and lighter pieces to layer, we started in. The carpet was replaced with a beautiful hand-scraped hardwood floor. The fireplace was resurfaced in a gorgeous taupe and gray-stacked stone, and the walls were painted in a stunning greige, with the ceiling two tones darker. The finishing touches were a juxtaposition, elegant decor and a touch of zebra, cheetah, and leopard patterns.

The unusual nook was then turned into the “all-of-a-sudden-so-obvious” bar, with cocktail cart and serving ware. For her design splurge, and to satisfy her old-world-charm look, we bought a custom hutch with wrought iron detailing, which majestically looks over the entire space. Now there are several areas to gather for everyday and holiday socializing.

While keeping the color palette tame on this project; we got wild with the style! Many different textures added interest and depth to what had been a beige and boring space. Now, with several areas to entertain, this room will be functional during holidays and every day.

Our living room project has enhanced the space by finally allowing—and more importantly—welcoming multiple people to enjoy the room together. With added seating and a beverage station, this room now is a destination place to gather and visit. Also, by eliminating the off-white carpet and replacing with a durable, darker and easy-to-keep flooring, high traffic won’t take a toll.

The project also enhanced the space’s aesthetics, with the stunning combination of restful and rich colors. Before the remodel, a drab, monochromatic color palette was not consistent with the rest of the home. With the client drawn to ornate fashions, jewel tones and animal print, each item was strategically placed to create a storybook room with luxurious fabrics, well-crafted furnishings and silk taffeta drapery. The multitude of textures and finishes creates a lush and inviting space, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also comfortable.

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"While keeping the color palette tame on this project; we got wild with the style!"