Sheena Wilson’s love for flowers did not come from a time or place, but from an Irish mother who liked to point out the small things of beauty.  

 “Mum tells this story of growing up in Ireland, and the nuns would give her money for bus fare to and from school,” says Wilson. “And she would walk, save the money, and buy herself flowers.” 

 Is it an urban myth? Wilson isn’t sure. But what she knew for sure was her lifelong dream to own a floral shop.  

Growing the flowers in her home garden, she would create bouquets as a form of therapy– giving them away until someone informed her of the vending potential. When Wilson wasn’t working in the school district, she took her summers to turn her side gig into a bouquet subscription service.  

 Wilson’s budding imagination of owning a flower shop finally became a reality on July 15, 2022 after receiving a boost from her niece and her thriving flower shop, Limelight Floral Design, in West Vancouver, B.C. 

 “My husband’s been talking me into this, and my children, Molly and Finn, said if not now, you’re not gonna do it,” says Wilson. “And so we just leaped in.”  

 The shop’s name comes from Wilson’s love of simple names– she previously went through all the Celtic options and pondered naming it “Sheena’s Flowers on First,” but stuck onto what perfectly describes her product as what it is and what it should do: bloom.  

Wilson’s Celtic origins may have not inspired the name, and she may not play The Chieftains all the time in the shop. But when her brother, Rory, was helping her with her business plan, she drew from her Irish heritage– specifically her mum– to draft her mission: tremendous welcome. 

 When people walk into the shop, Wilson wants them to see her space as warm and friendly, and to leave feeling better than when they arrived. But don’t call her shop cute, she says; the cuteness does come from her infamous German shorthair/chocolate lab mix shop dog, Lily.  

 “Right now, she’s just waiting by the door waiting for the next person to come in,” she says. “She kind of follows them around a little bit. She’s like a therapy dog.” 

 Over the past year Wilson has taken a number of online floral design courses to learn the fundamentals of good design. But, just like she is with cooking, Wilson is quick to improvise. 

Customers can order a bright bouquet, a pastel bouquet, or a neutral whites and greens bouquet. Wilson can’t always repeat designs due to sourcing flowers locally, but this gives her and her customers the freedom to make something new with every bloom. 

 Her flower subscription service is a deeply-rooted element of her business, but this time they are upgraded for various price points: weekly ($160) and bi-monthly bouquet ($80), and the “Great Big Love” subscription ($425)– nicknamed “The Dude”– for those who want deliveries on specific dates and holidays annually.  

 For those who want to try their hand at creating their own bouquets, bLoom hosts monthly Flower Arty Parties. Partnering with Katie Walton of Red Barn Art, a local ceramic and mosaic artist, patrons learn how to create a floral piece and an art piece while enjoying snacks, wine, and music.  

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