What may have been best described as a collective mess before our design update is now an “organized oasis.” The enhancements in this project have increased the functionality by doubling paper-related storage, adding private storage and providing an appealing place to display family favorites. Along with the added advantages of the enlarged custom desk, the lighting is now also the appropriate scale for the room and provides proper illumination to work all day if needed.

Prior to the design update, the room was dark and dull. The 10-by-15-foot space didn’t invite creativity and was not inspiring. The clients wanted to feel energized when they entered the room and wanted the space to reflect their personalities. After completion, the office appeared bigger, lighter and engaging. The added decor elements can be used in a variety of ways, making the room that much more versatile. What was extra square footage is now their favorite personal space.

The evidence of superior craftsmanship is displayed in the highly functional and unique custom office cabinet. This one-of-a-kind piece was specifically designed as a solution to a request for “hidden storage inside a typical styled desk drawer.” It was built to fit and includes a custom-fabricated quartz top. Then, the custom-built shelves and custom-fabricated iron brackets completed the entire concept. And, finally, the new hardwood floors replaced the worn-out linoleum and gave the room a brand-new life.

Below is a recap of our design priorities and how they were achieved:


He wanted to have a small voice in the design concept that reflected something specific to him. We used an Army poster given to him by his dad for color inspiration, utilizing the deep blue hue in the picture to paint the new custom-built shelving and custom-designed desk.


She longed for a room of shiplap but didn’t want it to dominate the small space. Covering the back wall with a custom-built and painted wood treatment added a point of interest and texture in a subtle yet stunning way.


They both required desk storage for paper files and personal collectibles. We designed the desk to provide organization for their home business as well as private, hidden areas for personal items.


The family consists of six members and my clients wanted an area to display their children’s art projects and awards. We created modern ranch-style shelves that have multiple possibilities for visual display.


For daily use, they wanted a comfortable space with welcoming furnishings. The leather swiveling roller chair is both functional and fashionable. Whether sitting at the computer or reclining while reading a document, this office chair is extremely comfortable. The wool pillows add a little back support and the wool area rug underfoot is comfy on both slippers and socks.


The small flush mount light was neither attractive nor appropriate for the space. In keeping with the design, we added a gorgeous chandelier that illuminates the room while adding the rustic charm desired.

Taken together, these changes give new life to what we know as “business as usual.”