For those who can’t eat gluten, rest assured there are plenty of options in Bellingham. We put together a list with just a few of the best spots to grab gluten-free (yet flavorful) grub.

Gluten-Free Baked Goods

If you want gluten-free donuts, try Rocket Donuts, but be sure to call ahead before you go–sometimes they run out! Another great place to get gluten-free donuts is the Gluten Free Angels Bakery. Offering everything from pizza pockets to pound cake, the variety of gluten free goodies you can choose from is excellent. Gluten Free Angels Bakery also has a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian options, making it a nice place to grab a couple of pastries with friends since there’s something for everyone.



The burger, an American classic, would never be confused with a lettuce wrap. If you’re looking for a juicy burger on a chewy, glossy bun, you might want to stop by these restaurants. The above photo is one of the gluten-free burgers at Fiamma Burger.

Crepes, Bellingham Style

Not your standard French crepes, these crepes include interesting (and delicious!) combos like the S’mores Crepe, which includes bacon, Nutella, and marshmallows. For a taste of Bellingham, check out AB Crepes downtown. They offer gluten-free crepes and have a wide variety of both savory and sweet options to choose from.

Deli Items

Spring is here and picnics are a fun way to spend time in the sun. These grocery stores offer picnic friendly gluten-free deli items like sandwiches, pasta salads, and quinoa bowls, to name a few.

Gluten-Free Pizza

Another American classic is….pizza! Thankfully, there are a wide variety of  gluten-free pizza options in Bellingham. Ranging from pizzas using natural ingredients like they make at Fairhaven Pizza, to Domino Pizza’s cheesy thin-crust pizza, I doubt you will run out of pizza in the near future. Below are just a few of the places you can get gluten-free pies in Bellingham.

Gluten-Free Restaurants

Breweries in downtown Bellingham will often have gluten-free options. Boundary Bay Brewery has a delicious gluten free salmon burger. Bayou on the Bay has Cajun food  and also offer gluten-free options that are worth checking out. Aslan Brewing Co. is another good place to visit. Also, both Boundary Bay Brewery and and Aslan Brewing Co. offer vegan and vegetarian dishes, making these two restaurants a spot everyone can enjoy!