By Julia Furukawa 

Are your kids wannabe spies? Or action movie lovers? Let them live out their fantasies with a DIY laser maze. All you need is some tape and crepe paper party streamers (preferably red). 

  • Find a narrow area in your home, such as a hallway, or between appliances in a kitchen. 

  • String the streamers across the space and tape the ends to opposing walls. 

  • Crisscross the streamers, making some low and some high, leaving a large enough space for a kid to squeeze through, jump over, or shimmy under. Basically, create a web that your kids will have to carefully maneuver through so as not to get burned by one of the “lasers.” 

  • Finally, turn on some James Bond music and let them take turns moving through the web of streamers. If they make it through without touching any of the “lasers,” they win!