By Julia Furukawa 

Take some time for yourself while your little artists stay busy with foamy, 3-D paints. This simple recipe requires three household ingredients and hardens overnight, so your kids can proudly display their creations all over the house. 

  • First, fill several Ziploc bags with equal parts white school glue and shaving cream. 

  • Then, add a few drops of food coloring to each — create as many different shades as you like. 

  • Seal up the bags and have your kids squish them every which way until the shaving cream and glue are mixed together and the food coloring is equally distributed. 

  • Snip a small hole in the corner of each bag and let the kids squirt out the 3-D paint, like frosting, to draw pictures or spell out their names. 

  • Lay the creations on a flat surface and let dry overnight. The glue helps the mixture retain its puffy shape so your kids’ art will last. The only thing left to do is hang them up!