A healthier scone that’s cruelty-free but still tastes amazing? That’s the goal of Kyla Graham and Xander Terrell, co-owners of SconeGrown Bakery. The scone shop is one of the newest additions to the Granary Building on Bellingham’s waterfront and features a selection of delicious scones along with a few heartier lunch items.  

All scones at SconeGrown are vegan, meaning they’re free of animal proteins and dietary cholesterol. They’re also made with local organic flour from Fairhaven Mill. SconeGrown emphasizes ethical sourcing and using local products whenever possible. They also strive to reduce waste, which is why all takeout containers and utensils are compostable.  

The scones at SconeGrown are a mix between British and American takes on the pastry. They’re not too sweet and don’t come with a sugary glaze like you might find at other bakeries. Instead, they’re served with a side of fluffy coconut clotted cream, so you can control how rich you want each bite.  

The scones are slightly crunchy on the outside with a softer interior. They hold up well (no crumbly messes) and have a satisfying texture. Plus, the vegan clotted cream adds a layer of subtle coconut flavor certain to be a hit among coconut lovers. If you’re for any reason wary of vegan baked goods, kick those concerns to the curb. These scones are excellent.  

To keep things simple, go with the Classic ($5), a traditional vanilla scone served with warm clotted coconut cream (yum) and strawberry jam (double yum). My personal favorite, and a steady bestseller, is the Chocolate Chip ($5). It comes with a side of clotted chocolate coconut cream that is wildly tasty and had me immediately planning my return for more.  

For more unique confections, go for the Baby Lavender Lemon Loaf ($4) or the Golden Mylk Scone ($5), the latter of which comes with clotted ginger coconut cream. There are also a couple gluten-free items, like the Peach Chia Pudding Parfait ($6) and a rotating Cheezecake ($6).  

For lunch, the menu features a few savory selections. Everything is 100% vegan, so items like the Loaded Crispy Nuggets ($10) are actually made from chunks of glazed tofu topped with coconut bacon bits, arugula, and peppers from Mama Lil’s. These nuggets are crunchy, flavor-packed, and hearty enough to keep you full until dinner. The tofu sauce is slightly spicy and pairs perfectly with a drizzle of garlic lemon aioli. If you think you don’t like tofu, these nuggets will change your mind.  

Other lunch options include a Green Goddess Salad ($12) and a generously portioned Umami Bowl ($12) that will soon feature miso from Yoka Miso in Seattle.  

Sweetest of all, there’s a family story at the heart of SconeGrown. Kyla’s grandmother owned the popular Abbey Garden Tea Room in Fairhaven, which closed in 2019. Kyla grew up working at Abbey Garden, and even met Xander there. It was after Kyla’s grandmother passed, just before the pandemic, that Kyla was inspired to turn her own scone-making talents into a business. Though the scones at SconeGrown are a unique recipe, rather than a reboot of the scones at Abbey Garden, the love of baking and sharing scones with the Bellingham community remains the same.  

SconeGrown is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are takeout only, but there’s plenty of places to enjoy your treat both inside the Granary building — neighboring Black Fern coffee shop is a great option, for instance — or outside along the waterfront. 1211 Granary Ave., Ste. 109, Bellingham, (360)684-2667, sconegrown.com