You can see Top It Yogurt Shoppe’s swirled logo from pretty much everywhere in Snohomish’s historic downtown. It calls out to shoppers looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, and it does not disappoint. Once inside, it’s so bright and breezy that you’ll be feeling sunny regardless of the weather.

Owner Sheri Lobaito’s warm greeting and friendly demeanor also helps. Top It Yogurt Shoppe is a family-run business, and it shows. Her husband, Len Lobaito, came up with the idea to open a frozen yogurt shop, and their daughter, Melanie Holt, works as operations and marketing manager. Of the soft seating cozily arranged in the front windows, Sheri Lobaito said, “We wanted this to be a family-oriented gathering place. I hope guests feel like they’ve just stepped into my kitchen for a cup of coffee.”

In the three years since they opened, Lobaito has developed close relationships with her regulars, of which there are many. There’s a preschool that makes weekly visits, a weight watchers group that regularly stops in to celebrate goals, church youth groups, and it’s a popular spot for youth sports teams after games.

And then there’s Dave and his golden retriever, Beau. The duo stops by every day during their morning walk. As Lobaito tells it, Beau prefers fruit flavors, specifically peach. Lobaito’s favorite flavor, on the other hand, is Cable Car Chocolate. Sometimes she mixes it with the non-dairy pomegranate raspberry flavor, for a gratifying combo of tart and sweet.

Twelve flavors are always on tap, and there are 45 different toppings to choose from. If you’re of a mathematical bent, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve done the calculations for you. That’s 66 different flavor possibilities, if you assume two flavors per combination. I’ll leave figuring the toppings to the statisticians.

I find that there’s something gratifying about serving yourself a dollop of frozen yogurt and topping it with whatever you please. Kids seem to love the opportunity to help themselves, too.

I stopped in recently while out shopping. When confronted with all the possibilities, I opted to keep it simple and went for a chocolate and vanilla swirl with fruit toppings. I highly recommend it.

"Once inside, it’s so bright and breezy that you’ll be feeling sunny regardless of the weather."