Storia Cucina  



  • mastika
  • mezcal
  • creme de cassis
  • green chartreuse


This drink may look fruity, but don’t let the rosy color fool you. The mezcal creates a smoke-forward elixir layered with complex flavors. One such flavor is the mastika, which gets its name from mastic, a piney resin that imbues the liquor with an evergreen taste. The drink’s dark red color comes in part from the creme de cassis, a sweet French liquor made from blackcurrants. The final ingredient, green chartreuse, is the only naturally green liquor in the world, made from a blend of more than 100 plants and flowers. The result is a smokey, herbal tonic with hidden notes of spearmint and lime. This drink is intriguing, nostalgic, and tastes like a night out in a glass. The literal cherry on top is the Luxardo maraschino109 Grand Ave., Bellingham, 360.734.1929, 

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