Storia Cucina 


Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, celery bitters 

fresh lemon, tonic, salt  


According to Storia Cucina’s former beverage director, Matthew Boudousquiethis drink is like if a gin and tonic got a PhD. “Or like if it left Alabama and went to New York City,” to put it another way. Perfect for those who don’t like the taste of strong alcohol, this refreshing elixir is light, crisp, and goes down easy. Notes of celery and fresh lemon give it a crisp springtime taste, with a little complexity from the salt. There’s a hint of sweetness without a sugary aftertasteServed over ice and topped with a slice of dehydrated lemon as cheerful as the rest of Storia Cucina, this drink is sure to put a smile on your face as it transports you to the Italian coast. – Becky Mandelbaum  

109 Grand Ave., Ste 102, 

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