Culture Cafe 

Jade Maiden 


Ingredients: Organic coconut milk, matcha, Licor 43, starfruit-infused aquavit, Thai basil 

Antioxidant-rich matcha is now in everything from lattes to cupcakes– but we’re willing to bet that you’ve never tried it like this before. Culture Cafe puts a whole new spin on this trendy tea by blending matcha with coconut milk, shaking it up with spirits, and garnishing the finished concoction with a sprig of fresh Thai basil.  

The result is a refreshing, aromatic cocktail with a creamy finish and just the right amount of sweetness. Its complexity stems from the use of two unexpected spirits: Licor 43 (a Spanish liqueur with notes of vanilla and citrus) and starfruit-infused aquavit (a neutral Scandinavian liquor similar to vodka or gin).   

If you need an antidote to the winter blues, the Jade Maiden is just what the doctor ordered. We recommend pairing it with any dish from their innovative, Pacific-inspired food menu. 210 E. Chestnut St., Ste. 2, Bellingham, 360.922.3374,