This drink was named after the tale of the Five Joaquins. The Five Joaquins were, well, five guys named Joaquin. Between 1850 and 1853 it was reported that the Five Joaquins and a man they called “Three-Fingered Jack” were responsible for a majority of the robberies, murders, and cattle thefts in the Sierra Nevada. Joaquin Murrieta, the leader, was supposedly killed by the newly formed California Rangers, but who knows?

What we do know is this: The outlaw gang inspired this rich, smooth drink. The Five Joaquins consists of mezcal, which provides a smoky flavor. Cold brew coffee, amaretto, and vanilla sweeten it up. This drink will definitely give you the feeling of being in the Sierra Nevada desert on a hot summer day and will conjure the idea of being an old-school cowboy, leaving you with a hankering for a vacation in the Southwest.

Although the drink sounds fit for a desert saloon, Hundred North provides an intimate environment with exposed brick, a wall of windows and dim lighting. Pair your Five Joaquins with a gourmet meal amid a clean and comfortable backdrop. Situated conveniently downtown next to Mount Baker Theatre, it would be easy to savor a Five Joaquins and take in a show, or head out for a night on the town (minus the cattle-rustling)

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