Red Rum Tiki Bar 

Captain’s Grog 

Dark Rum, Don Q Gold Rum, white rum, maple, Falernum, Cointreau, grapefruit, almond, vanilla, lime 


If you want to unwind with a tropical drink full of warm, refreshing flavor, I have the drink for you! The Captain’s Grog boasts rich vanilla flavors that compliment the sharp kick of the rum. A hint of grapefruit gives the drink the ultimate tropical quality, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy on a warm spring day.  

The drink is named after the 18th-century tradition of diluting rum with water, which was intended to make the supply last longer. At Red Rum Tiki Bar, their grog comes in the form of an ice cube shaped in a champagne flute. A straw is placed in the mold during freezing, so when your drink arrives it will have an ice cube that slowly melts as you drink through it, making the rum go down smoothly until the very last drop. 

113 E. Magnolia St., Bellingham, 360.306.3689,