Location: L&L Libations 

Drink Name: Aviation 


  • Gin based limoncello 
  • Creme de violette
  • Cava (sparkling wine) 

Price: $8 

Sweet, floral, tart and purple. Yes, purple. L&L Libations has nailed this classic cocktail with a quirky twist: a splash of violette. This liqueur not only gives this drink its playful color, but deepens its flavor, giving it a sweet and flowery finish. Topped with cava, Spanish sparkling wine, the drink has a light fizz to it which tingles your taste buds upon first sip. Limoncello, a lemon liqueur, is typically made by infusing vodka with simple syrup and lemon juice, but L&L gave this recipe another twist by infusing theirs with gin. Served in an elegant coupe glass and topped with a lemon twist, this cocktail is the perfect classy beverage for a spring afternoon. 

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