When you walk into The Blue Abode Bar in Barkley Village, it feels like you are home —even though it’s new to the neighborhood. A cozy spot for cocktails, it has a wood bar, tables are accented with blue paint, and chairs and blue lights line the walls. On each table, empty spirit bottles with twinkle lights on the inside provide a DIY home decor feel. The Brandied Cherry Collins is exciting to the eyes. Its light pink color made it reminiscent of springtime, and it leaves the taste buds yearning for cherry season.

The light pink spritzer was as delightful in taste as it was in aesthetic. Bellingham Granny Strong’s vodka, house-made brandied cherries and liquor, and a lemon and soda water finish combine for a refreshing experience. The brandied cherry liquor was thick and sweet, leaving one imagining themselves sitting outside on a sunny spring day, next to a cherry blossom tree.

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2925 Newmarket St., Bellingham