Rook & Rogue Board Game Pub: Hogwarts House Cocktails

Price: $8

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your letter from Hogwarts, travelling to the majestic campus, and trying on the Sorting Hat, the cocktail list at Rook & Rogue will help your Harry Potter dreams come true. With four house drinks, try them all to see which one truly suits your taste.

This bright red cocktail, served in a traditional whiskey rambler glass, is simultaneously sweet and tart. With strong flavors of cranberry and lime, after a few of these, you’ll be feeling quite brave.

Ingredients: Vanilla vodka, lime, cranberry

Pub owner Laura mentioned this was the best-selling of the four houses—and for good reason. It’s sweet and juicy, easy to drink, with a mango flavor as bold as its yellow color.

Ingredients: Mango vodka, mango syrup, ginger ale

As the smartest house, Ravenclaw has also inspired a smart and tasty drink. This tropical blue oasis in a glass will whisk you away to the beaches of the Black Lake.

Ingredients: Peach schnapps, blue curacao

With the distinct taste of green apple, don’t let this cocktail sway you to the dark side—it’s plenty sweet once you get to know it.

Ingredients: Sour apple vodka and schnapps
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"With four house drinks, try them all to see which one truly suits your taste."