Terramar Brewing, which opened in Edison this past summer, is the area’s newest brewery, pizzeria, and soon-to-be distillery. Owners Chris and Jen Barker bring plenty of brewing and hospitality experience to the table — Chris attended Skagit Valley College’s Cardinal Craft Brewing Academy — and are deeply committed to supporting local farmers and food artisans. That’s why, whenever possible, Terramar uses locally sourced grains, vegetables, fruit, and even some yeast.

“The Skagit Valley has some of the richest agricultural resources in the world,” Chris says, “and one of the few places you can still source phenomenal product, meat, cheese, and grains within a 10-mile radius.”

Even the name Terramar, with ‘terra’ meaning from the land and ‘mar’ meaning from the sea, is an homage to the abundance of Skagit Valley, which makes fantastic beer and food a reality.

Situated along the curve of the Edison Slough, the location’s past tenants include Samish Meat Packers, Duluth Timber Company, and Bee Works Farm. Now a 15-barrel brewery, the property is a mix of various buildings, some of which provide scenic vistas of farmlands and island-dotted Bellingham Bay. The brewery is proudly kid and dog-friendly, and open every day except Tuesday.

With the best the valley has to offer within reach, the Barkers purchase grains for their beer from Skagit Valley Malting, flour for their scratch-made pizza dough from Cairnspring Mills, and are looking forward to adding on Skagit-grown hops.

The narrow focus allows imagination to thrive. “We are a creative bunch and we like to do different things,” Chris says. “We never know when a local vendor is going to stop by and inspire a new take on a beer, cider, or pizza.”

One such example is quince, which turned into a refreshing yet slightly tart Berliner Weisse. Another is foraged mushrooms, which inspired a savory appetizer made with pickled chanterelles atop Gothberg Farms chevre and Breadfarm crostini. With access to nearby growers like Cedardale Orchards and Bow Hill Blueberries, flavorful fruit becomes artisan ciders (the Bow Hillmian Rhap-Cider is a must-try!).

Even the cocktails have a unique local and seasonal edge — one of this winter’s offerings included garden sorrel and bourbon infused with hazelnuts and figs foraged from Samish Island. Seasonal ingredients keep the drink menu fresh, and since everything is small-batch, once the last drop is poured, it’s gone.

Take-out pizza also benefits from local fixings. Traditional pies like the Margherita are topped with Blanchard Mountain Farm tomatoes and basil and Ferndale Farmstead fresh mozzarella. The Clamdango features garden-fresh kale, Knutzen Farms potatoes, and Samish Bay clams. Whether you come to drink a pint or dine, the flavors are sure to show off what makes this slice of Washington State so delicious.

5712 Gilkey Ave., Edison, 360.399.6222, terramarcraft.com

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