Comfortable soft blue leather chairs, Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” playing in the background, a classy atmosphere, light entrees, and vast choices of cocktails and mocktails—that’s what’s to be expected at Northwater.

Northwater, a modern restaurant and bar which opened in late March, is part of the Holiday Inn and Suites hotel, across from the Bellingham airport. From I-5, take the Bakerview Road and Bellingham International Airport exit (exit 258) and follow the signs to the airport. Whether you’ve just arrived after a long flight or need refreshing food and drinks at an affordable price, Northwater, on Mitchell Way, would fit the bill.

Northwater, the name and concept, was created to be evocative of the Pacific Northwest experience—abundant rain, meandering streams and rivers, graceful beauty of the lakes and bays, the peace of a foggy morning, the chill of the air—and the tastes that invite you to stay.

From breakfast to late night dinner, Northwater’s 185- seat restaurant features Pacific Northwest dishes made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. We found the restaurant’s wait staff to be personable and enthusiastic, and eager to answer our queries about ingredient sources and what desserts they’d recommend.

Executive Chef Christy Fox has created a diverse menu of classic dishes with a twist, like the Seafood Sausage Corn Dogs with blueberry mustard ($9)—sweet from-the-citrus cornbread and spicy from the mustard. Try the Fried Chicken and Waffle ($5), featuring savory flavors of garlic and herbs drizzled with a pepper syrup. Fox’s 25 years’ experience as a chef have been rich. She has a thorough knowledge of regional cuisine and is co-owner of gourmet local chocolatier Evolve Truffles, famed for its a pop-up chocolate lounge.

For happy hour, offered daily, try the Laced Whiskey Sour, a smooth whiskey featuring star anise’s lingering subtle sweet licorice flavor ($7) and a side of the Parmesan Tomato Focaccia and Tapenade, served complimentary with each meal.

If alcohol isn’t your scene or you’re under 21, give the Driver Mocktail ($5) a taste. The drink will be a surprise—literally, as it’s a concoction of house-made ingredients unique to whichever bartender makes it. Fruity, bitter—you name it. A similar idea for a drink with spirits is the Trust in the Bar ($15)—name your base alcohol and trust the bartender to work their magic.

Entrees include the Exposed Burger with no bun ($11) and the Dry Aged Pork Chop with a sweet cider and pear sauce ($24). Give the Calamari Steak a whirl. It’s served with homemade angel hair pasta and vegetables that complement without overpowering the tender calamari ($18).

As the saying goes: “there’s always room for dessert,” and that is true with Northwater. Each of their dishes, whether appetizer or entrée, is light and won’t make you achingly full, leaving just enough room. The white chocolate cheesecake is one to rave about. Using 35 percent cocoa butter white chocolate, it is creamy and rich, with the perfect mix of coffee whipped cream and Bow Hill juicy blueberries to complement.

From appetizer, to mocktail or cocktail, to entree, to dessert, all infused with the flavors of the region, Northwater leaves you longing for one more Pacific Northwest bite.

4260 Mitchell Way, Bellingham

360.398.6191 |

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"Northwater, the name and concept, was created to be evocative of the Pacific Northwest Experience—abundant rain, meandering streams and rivers"