When Soy House opened a few years ago, you could count the number of Vietnamese restaurants in the area on one hand. Since it opened, it has amassed a reputation for being a solid low-to-mid-price Vietnamese restaurant.

Perhaps Vietnamese-fusion would be more accurate. Of course, one can order pho, the Vietnamese staple that involves dipping noodles in soup. There are several varieties of soup, gluten-free noodles, and even a smaller kids’ option.

But again, pho at a Vietnamese restaurant is like stir-fry at a Chinese one. The more adventurous diners will be tempted by the Vietnamese pizzas. You have your choice of four different kinds of sauces and several different toppings. The pizzas are personal-sized, and served piping hot. The grilled chicken pizza with red peppers, cilantro and mushrooms is tasty, especially paired with one of the rotating tap beers, a bottle of Sapporo or sake, or one of the in-house bubble tea cocktails.

The décor is nice but nothing too fancy. This isn’t P.F. Chang’s. The interior is clean, and the service is superb. The décor is what is appropriate for a restaurant of this price range.

All in all, Soy House is a solid addition to Bellingham’s Vietnamese restaurants. It’s not fancy, but perfect for a quick tasty bite.

400 W. Holly St., Bellingham | 360.393.4857 414

W. Bakerview Rd., Bellingham | 360.393.3585


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"The more adventurous diners will be tempted by the Vietnamese pizzas. "