As part of our celebration of “Spectacular Seafood,” here’s an appealing appetizer you can make at home courtesy of Chef Willie McWatters, Guemes Island General Store:

1 fillet salmon
½ lb. calamari
Handful of kale
Seasonal vegetables
Homemade teriyaki sauce

•Toss calamari in a light dusting of flour, deep fry and set aside.
•Cut salmon in strips and skewer. Let salmon skewers marinate in teriyaki sauce while you sauté vegetables.
•When vegetables are nearly done, cook salmon on grill for just a few minutes on each side.
•Serve salmon skewers and fried calamari atop a bed of sautéed kale and vegetables.

“All our vegetables are from local Skagit Valley farms, and our salmon comes from a Lummi Island fisherman. We’re proud of how we source all our food.”

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"'We’re proud of how we source all our food.'"