The full-meal deal — starting with apps, is worth the calories you’ll put down with a visit to The Repp in Snohomish. Pay special attention to the Beer Battered Mushrooms, nearly free at $3, or an 8-ounce Top Sirloin dinner for a ludicrous $9. The bracing, balsamic Caprese Salad, with basil and mozzarella is light and fresh at $7. The succulent Kobe Burger meets basic saturated fat requirements; add pancetta (Italian bacon), caramelized onions and red peppers to keep your stents busy. On to the main course: Scallop Bouche at The Repp shares only a brief moment with the chef’s pan before joining roasted vegetables and puff pastry with mushroom Marsala sauce. The King Salmon portion was large and treated well, though briefly, with spices. It only makes sense that the Prawn Scampi follows suit. The Repp does have Filet Mignon, but more interesting is a fig demi-glaze on a steak called Monaco New York ($21). It’s a big menu, with three pastas, three chicken dishes, a pork chop, Cioppino, many more starters and a choice of kid food for $7. Come see for yourself why this place is developing a Repp.