It is almost a cliché to describe whiskey as having a “smoky” flavor. But with the advent of infusion drinks, many different spirits seem to be getting new twists, and whiskey is no exception. Witness the concoction of vanilla bean-infused whiskey and Mexican Coke, which is Coke imported from Mexico that uses real cane sugar to give it a sweeter taste. No, the drink doesn’t have a name. It’s from the house infusions menu. It reminiscent of a rum and Coke, only sweeter. The vanilla bean anchors the smoky flavor of the whiskey. If anything, it’s something of an evolution for the rum and Coke. It retains the character of the classic drink, while adding a sweeter character. It has a smooth aftertaste, and goes down pretty easy for a whiskey. It’s a solid number for whiskey lovers and whiskey newcomers alike.

1017 N. State St., Bellingham

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