Where is a power suit appropriate next to a campfire? At the new “forever” location of Electric Beet Juice Co., where those are the names of two new smoothie offerings. Despite the new address, customers can expect the same delicious recipes as always, plus many exciting new menu items.  

Electric Beet Juice Co. started more than five years ago in the Public Market building and then moved to a temporary location on State Street before finding its new home on Cornwall Avenue. For owner Kara Marklin, the new location is a dream spot. 

“Probably the number one thing I’m excited about is having a permanent location . . . being next door to Pure Bliss and all of these great businesses around here, I can’t really think of a better place,” Marklin says.  

Electric Beet’s new location is bright, clean, and comfortable, featuring a cheerful color palette and green succulents lining the walls. Marklin did much of the interior construction work herself, with the aid of a handyman. Her goal was to create a welcoming environment where people could enjoy celebratory food.  

“I didn’t just oversee the project, I actually did the project . . . I got to use saws — big saws — and all kinds of tools, and I loved it so much, it was the wildest experience. I started to think that maybe I had missed my calling and I was supposed to be a builder.” 

When asked what makes the place unique, Marklin is quick to reply it is her creative recipes. She admits to constantly experimenting with new offerings. “Honestly it comes down to having time to recipe test them . . . again and again.” 

Favorite new menu additions include the Campfire, a cookie-flavored confection featuring cardamom, turmeric, dates, and sunflower butter; the Strawberry Blonde, with its signature beet juice, strawberries, ginger, and coconut water; and the Power Suit, which is packed with blueberries, banana, pineapple, and other nutritious ingredients.  

Electric Beet uses thoughtfully sourced, organic materials for their drinkable creations. This same standard for ingredients also applies to their food menu, which features spring rolls, salads, pancakes, rolls, desserts, and more. 

Marklin hopes to pursue more changes in the future. “For the restaurant, I want to be able to serve dinner plates . . . natural wine — I want to make things happen for the theater crowd.” The first phase involves an expansion of hours, with doors opening as early as 8 a.m. and eventually staying open until as late as 9 p.m.  

Markling also hopes to give attention to another project. “I want to start a program that uses Electric Beet’s kitchen — and utilizes different aspects of Electric Beet — but is a separate nonprofit that is able to train and then hopefully provide jobs for . . . adults with developmental disabilities,” she says. 

Whether wielding a blender, a power saw, or a passion for community, Marklin creates great outcomes. The next time you’re seeking a positive place to refuel, head to Cornwall Avenue to try one of Marklin’s flavorful creations. 

Electric Beet Juice Co., 1422 Cornwall Ave., 360.676.7477, electricbeetjuiceco.com  

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