The Illuminati

INGREDIENTS: Jameson, Elderflower liqueur, Drambuie, Genepy des Alpes, Angostura bitters, orange flower water, lemon peel garnish. Served on ice. $11

This month’s cocktail will have you raving like Alex Jones.

With the number of sweet cocktails out there today, it can be easy to overlook a drink like the Illuminati, which would be a shame. It’s sweet at first but this is a bit tempered by the Jameson Irish Whiskey. In addition, the bitters provide their own aspect to the flavor.

The scent also bears some mentioning. The lemon peel provides a counterbalance to the sweetness of the drink. The nose of a drink often sets up the initial flavor, which is why a garnish is so important.

A good pairing with regards to food is the cheese plate. Three different kinds of cheeses, some pistachios, and some green olives. Good cheese has the ability to complement a wide variety of drinks, and the Illuminati is no exception. The pistachio’s salt also helps counter the sweetness of the drink.

The Temple itself is small, and can feel somewhat packed. But the intimate setting is nice, and the service is pretty good.

306 W. Champion St., Bellingham

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