EAT Restaurant and Bar

The Mon Dieu (My god)
Ingredients: Captain Morgan’s rum, maple, lime, topped with BelleWood Acres Cider, $11

Tucked on the corner of East Chestnut and Cornwall in downtown Bellingham, EAT Restaurant and Bar is surprisingly upscale for its unassuming location. The cuisine is modern French with a strong emphasis on keeping the menu local and seasonal. For those looking for an elegant spot to grab a happy hour beverage after work, EAT delivers. Add a cheese plate and some people-watching to your cocktail and you’ll feel as French as Proust.

The Mon Dieu, or “My God,” greets with an initial sweetness of BelleWood Acres cider and maple.

Although, the hint of lime keeps it fresh, tart, and well-balanced. Add Captain Morgan and you’ve got yourself a cocktail that fits well with any fall or winter evening. Enjoy an easy afternoon in the restaurant’s cafe-like atmosphere with a good book or check out live music every Friday and Saturday night. EAT offers happy hour from 4–6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 p.m. to close Friday and Saturday, and offers a wide array of discounted small plates and drinks.

1200 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham

360.306.3917 |

"Although, the hint of lime keeps it fresh, tart, and well-balanced."