Lorikeet Bar 

Polyjuice Potion 

Ingredients: Passion fruit blend, pineapple, Firewater Habanero Bitters, Tiki Bitters, house-made soda 


This drink may look like your standard cocktail, but don’t let the smooth saturation of passion fruit, pineapple, and house-made bubbles fool you. The Polyjuice Potion is among the zero-proof drinks on Lorikeet’s menu, but it still maintains the fun, tropical feel of any of their other liquored libations.   

“A big movement, especially in our bar, but in general is destigmatizing the idea that you [don’t] have to go to a bar and then just get wasted,” says Lorikeet’s general manager, Patrick Mori. “We don’t want to force people into that.” 

A firewater habanero tincture balances the passion fruit puree into a subtle sweetness while the tiki bitters warms the back of your throat, giving the illusion of drinking alcohol the more you sip.  

If you are partaking in Dry January, or just need some space from the spirits, this drink will have you thinking, “No proof, no problem.” Alison Poppe 

215 W. Holly St., Ste. 101, Bellingham, 360.510.7531, lorikeetbar.com