Storia Cucina 

Bosco Fresco  

Douglas fir brandy, rosemary, cranberry shrub, lemon, honey 


With hints of rosemary, honey, and cranberry, this cocktail is like Thanksgiving in a glass — minus the turkey coma and awkward family dinner conversation. Unique Douglas fir brandy is paired with cranberry shrub along with a touch of lemon for additional tartness. Honey sweetens the deal, adding a smooth balance to the fruit and citrus flavors. As a final touch, a sprig of rosemary is torched above the cocktail, imbuing this delicious drink — as well as the air around it — with a nostalgic, herbal aroma. Pair this spirit with a kale Caesar salad or one of Storia Cucina’s famous margherita pizzas for a meal that’s sure to leave you feeling grateful. 

109 Grand Ave., Ste 102, Bellingham, 360.734.1929, 

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