On May 15th, Bellingham Alive and Judd & Black Appliance hosted Chef Perry Mascitti, who created a beautiful threecourse meal that drew on the seafood, meat and produce of our area. Perry is the Executive Chef at Tulalip Resort Casino. After his education at the Culinary Art Institute, he spent many years in resort and hotel kitchens before taking the helm at Tulalip. Perry began the evening with a lamb tenderloin carpaccio caprese with saffron-infused mozzarella. Gabe, a member of the dining audience, volunteered to help work the saffron into the mozzarella and rub in the saffron. Samson Estates created wine pairings for the evening, and Barb from Samson presented the first course with a dry Syrah.

For the second course, Perry married the tender flakiness of halibut with bits of pork rillon and a shaved fennel bulb salad with watercress. Samson paired the tender halibut with an unoaked Chardonnay. Next came a lively intermezzo of Lemon-Medjool Date Granita, which called for the kir royale Samson poured using their brilliant
cassis. Chef Perry recommends using Medjool dates in recipes that call for sugar — salad dressings, desserts and even barbecue sauce. The third course, the entrée, was a wagyu beef tenderloin with a smoked pear and bear’s tooth
mushroom demiglace. The bear’s tooth is a brilliant white, spongy mushroom that grows on the sides of trees. It has a delicate but distinctive flavor, and substitutes nicely for black truffle. Waygu tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef available, with fine marbling and a slightly springy texture. Perry pan-seared the steak and finished in a 350-degree oven. The steak was also served with delicious cippolinis (small spring onions) stuffed with pork chorizo, brie and hazelnuts. The dessert came from a friend of Chef Perry’s, a pastry chef. See the website for the recipe. It was a layered cream and fruit dessert served in mason jars. A lovely presentation, and delicious! Samson
paired the dessert with a rich blueberry port and their hazelnut wine.


First Course: Warm and Cold lamb Carpaccio Caprese Lamb Tenderloin
Second Course: Pan-Seared Halibutt with Pork Rillon and Stoneground Fennel Toss
Entree: Waygu Beef Tenderloin with Smoked Pear and Truffle Demi-Glace