Ever tried a wine latte? Or a stout with cold brew and Irish cream? How about a smoothie blend of espresso, berries, ice cream, and tahini? These one-of-a-kind creations are all available at Locus, where you’ll find both classic and curious offerings of coffee, wine, beer, and food. 

Co-owners Kaycee Rezvani and Jessica Henderson first met while working together at a drive-up coffee stand. For years, they talked about one day opening their own business. Their dream came true New Year’s day, 2020, when they got the keys to Locus. 

“We had a vision to bring something a little different to downtown,” Rezvani says. “Lots of coffee shops are really beautiful, clean, white…we wanted to bring more of an urban street feel.” 

Inside Locus you’ll find graffiti on the walls, done in teal, dark blue, orange, yellow, and gray. Glowing Edison bulbs hang above the bar. There’s booth seating along the windows and a pair of comfy armchairs in the back. The overall vibe is urban, cheerful, funky, and fun.   

Rezvani describes Locus as somewhere where you can “come in, grab and go, or stay for a while.” It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a drink after dinner or share a snack with a friend. Because it’s an all-ages establishment, it’s also ideal for the entire family.

Locus officially opened in early March. After temporarily closing because of COVID-19, the restaurant reopened during Phase Two for in-house dining and delivery through GrubHub and Viking Food.    

Drinks that shimmer, crackle, and shine 

Locus has a full espresso bar, eight wines on tap, eight beers on tap, and a wildly inventive drink menu. 

Combined, Henderson and Rezvani boasts more than 20 years of espresso experience. You can taste it in their drinks. My favorite is The Tonkin Street ($3.60), a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and three shots of espresso, all poured over ice. Foam and ground chocolate-covered espresso beans top it off. Simply put, if you’re a coffee lover, you have to try this drink. 

For a healthy, earthy alternative to coffee, follow the Yellow Brick Road ($3.50). Essentially an iced chai golden milk, this creamy drink is both flavorful and refreshing, with an appealing yellow color from turmeric. 

As someone who doesn’t do sugary drinks, I was skeptical of the Wine Pop Slushee ($11), but this drink is pure fun and not half as sweet as it looks. Raspberry puree is spiked with a four-ounce pour of rosé, meaning it has slightly less alcohol than your typical glass of wine. Pop Rocks around the rim make each sip literally pop on your tongue. If you think you’re too sophisticated for a wine slushee rimmed with novelty candy, think again. It’s delicious.   

Another Instagram-worthy creation is the Bioluminescence ($6.25), featuring watermelon syrup, club soda, a Lotus energy concentrate, and edible shimmer. The snow-cone flavor and sparkles will keep you smiling from first sip to last. 

Simple, satisfying food 

Breakfast is available all day at Locus, and includes sandwiches, bagels, and wraps. The Chorizo Wrap ($8.95) boasts smoked cheddar, scrambled eggs, and garlic chive cream cheese all tucked into a flour tortilla. A blend of ranch and locally made HOSA hot sauce adds spice on the side.     

Lunch sandwiches ($10.95) are served on Avenue Bread with a side of tortilla chips or apple slices. The rich, comforting Tuna Melt is extremely tasty, with smoked cheddar and sriracha mayo. Vegetarians will be pleased with the Veggie Sandwich, which is loaded with crispy peppers, avocado, and cheese, all served on a flaky croissant. 

For an unusual choice, go with the Street Smurf ($8), a hearty smoothie bowl featuring white espresso, tahini, bananas, berries, and vanilla Edaleen ice cream all topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and house-made whipped cream. The Smurf color comes from blue spirulina, a nutritious supplement high in protein, minerals, and antioxidants. 120 W. Holly St., Bellingham, 360.306.8556, locusofbellingham.com 

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"We had a vision to bring something a little different to downtown. Lots of coffee shops are really beautiful, clean, white…we wanted to bring more of an urban street feel. "