“Fresh, authentic and delicious.” That’s a pretty standard sentiment from the regulars at Hoosoonyi. Located in one of the many unassuming strip malls along Highway 99, Hoosoonyi
has been serving the community Korean food since 1996. The number one menu recommendation — soon-doo-boo, a soft tofu soup. The dining experience is simple and friendly, and everything is translated to make ordering a little gentler for the Korean food novice. Some diner favorites include Korean BBQ beef (bulgogi), Pan fried seafood pancake with green onion (hae mul paa-jun) and the delectable variety of kimchi.

23830 Highway 99 #114, Edmonds
Mon.–Sun. 11 a.m.–10 p.m.
425.775.8196 | hosoonyitofu.us